Throughout the United States, including Massachusetts, the exposure to asbestos has been linked to a number of health issues of varying severity, including mesothelioma. Exposure to asbestos, which is a carcinogenic mineral, can also result in skin irritation, lung scarring (fibrosis), asbestosis and asbestos lung cancer. Unfortunately for many of these people, the recovery process for these medical conditions is often long, painful and expensive.

Exposure to asbestos was common throughout much of the 20th century due to the mineral's widespread use in many industrial and commercial products, including insulation, flooring tiles, irons, baby powder, agricultural fillers and many others. The mineral was popular because it is a highly flexible and heat-resistant material that provides excellent insulation.

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While asbestos has a number of properties that made it attractive to product and building manufacturers, it is a mineral that also easily crumbles. When fragmented asbestos fibers are released into the air, it creates a hazardous atmosphere. When those fibers are inhaled, they can pass throughout the natural filtration system of the lungs, and can become embedded in the lung tissue.

These embedded fibers can eventually lead to the development of lung cancer, mesothelioma or other conditions.

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